Plastic Bead Storage Case with Scoop and Tweezers

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You're reviewing:Plastic Bead Storage Case with Scoop and Tweezers
Jewelry Designer Bead Organizer Carrying Case This storage case is ideal of all kinds of beads and findings The outer case has a molded in handle and stays shut with two latches Inside are fifty two removable compartments in three sizes that are Designed to utilize the entire space Each is clear plastic with a hinged snap shut lid There are also tweezers and a bead scoop included to help manage your collection This package contains one 8x10x2 inch carrying case two 4 3 4x2 1 2x7 8 inch compartments sixteen 1 3 8x1 1 4x5 8 inch compartments thirty four 1 5 8x1 5 8x5 8 inch compartments one bead scoop and one tweezer Imported