Covid-19 Information

The 2 Day Delivery family stands strong during these worrying times that are ever-changing. Our family has concerned staff members, who have always brought out their best and our beloved customers, who have showered us with much love and appreciation time and again. We pray for the safety of each and every one.

We are working in accordance with the government guidelines and taking utmost precautions for the safety of our team members and customers. Therefore, our online store is open for your orders. We have strengthened our online platform with effective customer support and services.

We will continue to work and serve you with the best art supplies, paper crafts, kids toys and DIY accessories. that you have appreciated over the years. Stay home, stay safe and let us come out strong and healthy as this COVID-19 continues to spread. Let us help you to utilise your time well by delivering Art Supplies, Paper Crafts, Home Decor and More at your doorstep.

Be safe and stay well,
2 Day Delivery family.